About SWG

Here for your General Automotive Care & Performance Goals

Our shop in Temple, TX provides services for all car, truck, and diesel owners in the Central Texas area.

SWG Automotive History

20+ Years in General Automotive and Performance Built Motors

Since 2008, SWG Automotive, Peformance & Drag Racing has taken the Central Texas area and Austin Metropolitan area by storm with it’s customer-first approach by providing unmatched general automotive repair service and performance parts expertise. Whether you need to resolve your annoying check engine light issue or have our knowledgeable staff install a new performance exhaust system into your vehicle, SWG can guide you in the right direction.

Not sure what you need? Not a problem. We can diagnose your car (free of charge), or we can recommend AND install parts for your next racecar project. We treatevery customer the same!

Our lead mechanic, Casey Rance, has a proven track record in automotive repair and drag racing. Casey has been working on cars ever since he could pick up a wrench, and drag racing for 20 years. His team’s goal is to provide excellent customer service to every-day motorists who need to get back on the road, and help our automotive enthusiasts meet their performance-based needs.

So whether you need reliable transportation to work or a proven setup that can tear up the track, SWG Automotive, Performance & Drag Racing steer you in the right direction!