SWG Mail Order Tune

SWG is one of the leading LS-based computer tuners in the country! We can custom-tune your PCM based on your modifications and performance goals. We have years of tuning experience on our chassis dyno for proven performance and maximum drive-ability! Some of the most popular tuning changes include but are not limited to the following:


• Desired Idle Speed
• Desired Shift Points
• Rev Limiter
• Speedometer Recalibration for Gear Swaps
• Speed Limiter Removal
• Change Fan Activation Temps
• Change/Delete Torque Management
• Remove Skip Shift
• Remove SES Lights (off-road use)

• With any of our mail-order tunes, you also receive one free update to your tuning for up to ONE YEAR! Within one calendar year of your original tuning purchase, we will perform any tuning changes for free of charge!


• Print the form provided in the download link below
• Provide handwritten signature
• E-mail or mail form to the address provided
• Casey@texas-speed.com
• SWG Automotive
7766 Estes Pkwy
Temple, TX 76501